IRU Grooving

The Bencere “IRU” recessing system is the most efficient method of machining single or multiple internal grooves in one operation. The system comprises of an operating head, location pilot, carrier arm and cutter.


The design of the IRU system ensures the cutter is supported along its entire length by the pilot. This eliminates deflection and ensures precise feature machining.


Cycle times can be reduced from hours to minutes over conventional techniques offering massive cost reductions while maintaining critical dimensional accuracies.


Want the most efficient method of machine single or multiple grooves? The IRU recessing system, is the best choice. 

IRU Grooving
  • Efficient internal grooving system
  • Suitable for bores from Ø6mm
  • Ideally suited for multiple grooving in 1-pass
  • Produce grooves deep inside bores
  • Used extensively for land machining in valve bodies