Burr-Zit™ is the original clothespin type deburring tool that can deburr both sides of a drilled, punched or reamed hole in one operation, even when only one side is accessible.

Available from Ø2mm (Ø0.078") to Ø25.4mm (Ø1.000") System I for front and back deburring and System II for back deburring only.

From Ø8mm CE-20 tools, an internal tension control pin allows for tension adjustment without removing the tool from the machine. Since the tension pin is an internal feature, it offers no interference to bushings, fixtures, or multiple holes in line and the integral cutting edges prevent obstruction by dirt or chips.

Burr-Zit™ tools are easily resharpened, with approximately 6 to 20 grinds per tool depending on size, thus assuring extended tool life.

Standard tools manufactured from M2 with various coating options. Alternative materials available for special applications.







  • Clothespin style hole deburing tools
  • Tools from Ø2mm to Ø25.4mm
  • Extended length tools available
  • Integral tension adjusting pin above Ø8mm

Our Range

  • Precision back chamfering
  • Angles and blend radii produced
  • Chamfer flat and restricted access faces
  • Curved faces chamfered >3:1 bore ratio
  • Combined front and back deburring of holes from a single side
  • HSS tools Ø1.0mm – Ø50mm
  • Carbide Series from Ø3.0mm
  • Combination Drill & Deburr from Ø9.5mm