BTA & Ejector Inserted Drill Heads

Mollart offers a wide range of BTA and ejector drill, counterboring and trepanning heads with 1-start and 4-start threads.

BTA drill heads from Ø15.65mm

Ejector drill heads from Ø18.40mm 

Counterbore heads from Ø28.50mm for BTA and ejector systems.

Pull-boring heads from Ø20.00mm with 1-start or 4-start threads.

Trepanning heads from Ø55.00mm with 1-start or 4-start threads.

Drill tubes, tube drivers, vibration dampers, pressure heads and coolant inducers available to suit a wide range of machines.

BTA & Ejector Inserted Drill Heads
  • BTA insert drills from Ø15.65mm
  • Ejector insert drills from Ø18.40mm
  • Counterboring tools from Ø28.50mm
  • Trepanning heads from Ø55mm
  • 1 & 4-start drill tubes
  • Tube drivers, vibration dampers and pressure heads available

Our Range

  • Brazed BTA drill heads from Ø7.76mm
  • Brazed Ejector drill heads from Ø18.40mm
  • Drill tubes and coolant inducers available
  • Special heads upon request