Hole Deburring

E-Z Burr and Burrzit hole deburring tools and the Bencere BCU precision chamfering system offer solutions for the elimination of front and back burrs in holes after drilling operations.

For the back deburring of holes, E-Z Burr tools are available from Ø1mm and the Burrzit from Ø2mm and for precision back chamfering. The BCU system starts at Ø4.76mm.

All these tools will eliminate secondary operations to remove burrs on the front and back of a hole. They can be used on manual or CNC machines in a wide range of materials.



  • Ideal for flange holes
  • Cross hole deburring
  • Precision chamfering for countersunk screws
  • Large sheets and boiler plates
  • Hydraulic and fluid power
  • Automotive industry
  • Medical
  • General engineering
  • Aerospace

Our Range

  • Precision back chamfering
  • Angles and blend radii produced
  • Chamfer flat and restricted access faces
  • Curved faces chamfered >3:1 bore ratio
  • Combined front and back deburring of holes from a single side
  • HSS tools Ø1.0mm – Ø50mm
  • Carbide Series from Ø3.0mm
  • Combination Drill & Deburr from Ø9.5mm
  • Clothespin style hole deburing tools
  • Tools from Ø2mm to Ø25.4mm
  • Extended length tools available
  • Integral tension adjusting pin above Ø8mm