Abrasive Honing Stones

Mollart Engineering offer a broad range of Ohio Tool Works Abrasive Honing Stones. The wide choice available ensures we will have the correct bond types, grain sizes, custom and industry standard mounts and stones that are compatible with your existing honing equipment.



Material Range

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Silicon carbide
  • Super Abrasives - diamond , boron nitride (CBN)


Our Range

  • Replacement abrasives for the Sunnen, DM-Series or NM-Series
  • Micromatic, Delapena and more.
  • Standard and custom replacement
  • Nagel, Gehring, Superior, Kadia and more.
  • For manufacturers: General Hone, Barnes, Micromatic, Century,
  • Diamond, Aluminum oxide, Silicon carbide, Ceramic and CBN
  • A variety of grit sizes
  • Finishes from light to heavy
  • Portable abrasive stones in Diamond, Aluminium oxide, Silicon carbide, Ceramic, CBN
  • Also available for manufacturers General Hone and Delapena
  • Direct replacements for the A-Series, DM-Series, J-Series and R-Series Sunnen honing stones.