Spray Mist System

A retrofittable low cost spray mist coolant system that allows deep hole drilling applications to be carried out on any conventional or CNC machine tool turning it into a gundrilling machine.

The system is fed via the shops compressed air line and mixes the air with the cutting oil from the integral reservoir and then supplies a timed pulsed mix to the drill. The air evacuates the chips while the minimal oil supply lubricates the carbide during the drilling process.

The oil reservoir has a magnetic base for ease of positioning within the machine and the system has a manual control for the mixture ratio and timed pulse rate.

Morse taper and straight shank holders are available with a Ø25mm bore to accept gundrill drivers. 


  • Holes between Ø5mm and Ø25mm
  • Hole depth up to 2,000mm



Our Range

  • Ø1.85mm to Ø51.20mm
  • Drill to depth 40 x Ø in 1-pass on CNC machines
  • Follow-on drilling to 80 & 120 x Ø depths
  • Use with neat oil, solubles & MQL
  • Customised to suit applications
  • Options for: Point grind angles / Drill profiles / Support length / Carbide grades / Coatings
  • Tool lengths made for all gun drilling machines