Fabrication and Welding

Highly skilled coded fabrication and sheet metal operations using specialised processes such as plasma cutting, orbital welding, electro-polishing, PVD and CVD etching and bead blasting.  

Plant & Capabilities

  • 10,000 ft² facility

  • Design capability SolidWorks 3D CADCAM

  • Fully equipped welding bays

  • Manufacture coolant systems for machines
  • Plasma cutting 3m x 1.5m x 20mm capacity

  • Programmable orbital welding Ø3mm (1/8”) to Ø25mm (1”) pipework

  • Vacuum and 50 bar pressure testing

  • High purity welds to tolerances within 0.1mm

  • Bead blasting up to 900mm x 700mm capacity

  • Anodising, Alocrom and Chromium Oxide coating

  • Specialists in Inconel, stainless, titanium and aluminium welding