Burr-Zit™ Tooling for Increased Accessibility and Outstanding Performance


Burr-Zit™ tools can deburr both sides of a drilled, punched, or reamed hole in one operation, even when only one side is accessible. Prior to the introduction of the Burr-Zit™ tool, production deburring was limited by tool accessibility. This tool makes formerly inaccessible areas accessible, and dramatically reduces production costs!


Burr-Zit™ Tooling Applications


Burr-Zit™ Applications

Burr-Zit™ tools can be designed to meet most special applications; extra length tools, taper shanks, non-standard shank sizes as well as shanks with tangs and whistle notches are also available to offer. 

  • Clothespin style hole deburring tools.

  • Tools from Ø2mm(Ø0.078") to Ø25.4mm(Ø1.000").

  • System I for front and back deburring and System II for back deburring only.

  • Extended-length tools available.

  • Integral tension adjusting pin above Ø8mm without removing the tool from the machine. 


High Quality and Exceptional Performance

  • Burr-Zit™ tools are easily resharpened thus assuring long tool life. 

  • Users can deburr up to five thousand holes per grind with approximately 6 to 20 grinds per tool depending on size. 

  • No other tool can equal the performance and economy of the Burr-Zit™ deburring tool. 

  • Since the tension pin is an internal feature, it offers no interference to bushings, fixtures, or multiple holes in line • Integral cutting edges prevent obstruction by dirt or chips.

  • The Burr-Zit™ tool is the original clothespin type de-burring tool, unequalled performance. 

  • It is constructed entirely from a single piece of high-quality M-2, high-speed steel. (Tools made from higher grade steels such as M-4 and M-42 are available for special applications). 

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