Torque Bar Style Autofacer

The Torque Bar activated Autofacer offers 100% reliability for the positive opening and closing of the cutter using a Torque Bar Driver or "kick-bar".

Through tool coolant facility through spindle or Torque Bar Driver.

Spot face diameters above 2.2 x pilot hole Ø possible.

Ideally suited for CNC machines and transfer lines in high volume production.

Torque Bar Style Autofacer
  • Utilises an anti-rotation device to activate the blade during spindle reversal
  • Ideally suited to high volume production
  • Use on CNC machines and transfer lines
  • Spot faces > 2.2 x pilot hole Ø possible

Our Range

  • Rapid rotation of machine spindle opens cutter
  • Simple to set up and program
  • Ideally suited where part thickness varies
  • Internal coolant from pilot Ø15.62mm
  • Cone drives in to top face to positively open cutter
  • Cutter locked in position by internal clutch mechanism
  • Ideally suited to production on CNC machinery
  • Available from Ø6.35mm pilot hole diameters