Hydrostatic Deep Rolling Tools

Hydrostatic tools in the ECOROLL HG range are able to roller burnish, deep roll and roller compress the most complex contours and free-form surfaces within bores and external profiles.

The heart of the HG tool is a special ball of hard material which is hydrostatically mounted in a ball holder. The ball is pressed with a defined rolling pressure against the surface of the workpiece by the pressure medium, either oil or air, in order to shape the profile. The process induces residual compressive stresses into the boundary zone, increases the strength of the material and at the same time smooths the surface.


 Hydrostatically mounted hardened ball

Burnishing spherical ball pin







Hydrostatic Deep Rolling Tools
  • Roller burnishing up to 65 HRC and deep rolling  
  • Increase fatigue strength for internal, external diameters and fillet radii
  • Follow complex contours and free-form surfaces
  • Range of ball sizes available
  • Uses high pressure oil or air

Our Range

  • Tools for OD and ID profile burnishing
  • Range of roll forms available
  • Metric & imperial shanks
  • Ideal for irregular surfaces, including specific contours, fillets and grooves as well as cylindrical and tapered external surfaces.
  • Combined skive & burnish tools
  • Range Ø60mm to Ø400mm
  • Feed rates 3 to 6 mm/rev
  • Finish tube bores in a single pass
  • For finishing OD surfaces and faces
  • Suitable for materials to 65HRC
  • Range of shanks available
  • Achieve surface finishes to 0.1Ra
  • Suitable for bores and shafts
  • Remove need for honing, grinding, fine boring
  • Finishes down to 0.1Ra
  • Improve surface hardness