E-Z Burr Hole Deburring

E-Z Burr hole deburring tools are the industry standard for quick, effective and consistent front and rear burr removal.

Available with HSS and carbide inserts, no other chamfer tool is this durable.  By designing the blade to operate independent from springs and plungers, E-Z Burr has created a hole deburring tool with a flexible blade and a solid shank for optimum performance deburring metal and plastic components. In addition, the patented E-Z Burr deburring tool allows you change chamfer settings and cutting blades without removing it from the holder. Once the desired chamfer size is set, it won't change, even from blade to blade.

The result is less downtime, more production, lower skill levels, and higher profits.

Standard sizes in HSS from Ø1.0mm and carbide Ø3.0mm with drill & deburr tools available from Ø9.5mm



E-Z Burr Hole Deburring
  • Combined front and back deburring of holes from a single side
  • HSS tools Ø1.0mm – Ø50mm
  • Carbide Series from Ø3.0mm
  • Combination Drill & Deburr from Ø9.5mm

Our Range

  • HSS hole deburring made easy
  • Ø1mm to Ø50mm range
  • Suitable for low alloy steel, cast iron, aluminium
  • Drill and deburr in one operation
  • Tools from Ø9.5mm
  • Uses Allied TA insert for drilling
  • Ideal for volume production
  • Carbide inserts with range of geometries
  • Sizes from Ø3mm
  • Ideal for volume production or heavy burr removal
  • Suitable for tough materials like Inconel