Drillsprint - Gundrilling

The Drillsprint range of machines are available with light or medium duty capabilities to cover a wide range of deep hole drilling applications.

Centre-line drilling of holes from Ø2mm to Ø50mm, to depths of 3,000mm, and with 1 to 8-spindles mean we are able to offer solutions to meet every need.

The full machine table feature on these machines provides the additional flexibility for fixturing to enable offset hole drilling.

Auto loading options range from single belt to fully integrated robotic and gantry systems.

Typical applications

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Transmission
  • Defence
  • Machinery



Our Range

  • Ø5 mm to Ø50mm
  • 1 to 8 spindles
  • Hole depths up to 3000mm
  • Counter-rotation for improved straightness
  • Opposed spindle versions
  • Ø2mm to Ø25 mm
  • 1 to 4-spindles
  • Hole depths up to 1,500mm
  • Counter-rotation for improved straightness
  • On-line or off-centre drilling