E-Z Burr Carbide Tools

The E-Z Burr carbide series is designed with performance and efficiency in mind and are ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs, and hard to machine and exotic materials like Inconel, and Hastelloy.

Available from Ø3mm with a variety of insert geometries to suit the application.





E-Z Burr Carbide Tools
  • Carbide inserts with range of geometries
  • Sizes from Ø3mm
  • Ideal for volume production or heavy burr removal
  • Suitable for tough materials like Inconel

Our Range

  • HSS hole deburring made easy
  • Ø1mm to Ø50mm range
  • Suitable for low alloy steel, cast iron, aluminium
  • Drill and deburr in one operation
  • Tools from Ø9.5mm
  • Uses Allied TA insert for drilling
  • Ideal for volume production