E-Z Burr HSS Tools

E-Z Burr Tool Company has manufactured the HSS line of hole deburring and chamfering tools for 50 years with a proven success rate and impressive performance.

The simple tool design ensures repeatable performance without using problematic springs and allows the blade to be changed without the need to reset the height each time.

Micro-Series tools Ø1mm to Ø2.34mm

Replaceable blade tools from Ø2.34mm to Ø50mm

Stubby short length series from Ø2.38mm to Ø6mm

Front & back deburring or just back deburring available

E-Z Burr HSS Tools
  • HSS hole deburring made easy
  • Ø1mm to Ø50mm range
  • Suitable for low alloy steel, cast iron, aluminium

Our Range

  • Drill and deburr in one operation
  • Tools from Ø9.5mm
  • Uses Allied TA insert for drilling
  • Ideal for volume production
  • Carbide inserts with range of geometries
  • Sizes from Ø3mm
  • Ideal for volume production or heavy burr removal
  • Suitable for tough materials like Inconel