Solid Carbide Gundrills

Solid carbide gundrills by Botek offer superior penetration rates than carbide twist drills or conventional gundrills in dedicated deep hole drilling machines or CNC lathes and mills.

The solid carbide range of drills are available from Ø0.7mm to Ø12.0mm for drilling holes up to 100 x drill Ø in a single pass.

The specialised geometry of the Type 113 HP drills allows 800% increases in feed rates and is ideally suited to cutting long chipping materials and are also suitable for drilling with cutting oil, MQL and high quality emulsion.

Lite-Cut geometry reduces the cutting force and gives reliable chip breaking in difficult to machine materials. The result is improved chip removal, faster penetration and superior drilling quality.


A high level of penetration from Solid Carbide Gundrills allow for a clear, cleaner finish. 

Solid Carbide Gundrills
  • Ø0.5mm to Ø12mm
  • Up to 100 x Ø drilling depth
  • Higher feed rates
  • More rigid / Less vibration
  • Improved hole quality

Our Range

  • Ø1.85mm to Ø51.20mm
  • Drill to depth 40 x Ø in 1-pass on CNC machines
  • Follow-on drilling to 80 & 120 x Ø depths
  • Use with neat oil, solubles & MQL
  • Customised to suit applications
  • Options for: Point grind angles / Drill profiles / Support length / Carbide grades / Coatings
  • Tool lengths made for all gun drilling machines
  • Ø12mm to Ø135mm
  • Steel tube shank design
  • Drill up to 40 x Ø in a single pass
  • No drill regrinding required