Off-centre Drilling

Mollart has installed a range of deep hole drilling machines capable of producing single, pitch-circle or combinations of different hole sizes. By using proven methods, applications and tooling development expertise, it can create a bespoke solution for a wide range of materials.

Round or prismatic shape parts can be accommodated on the wide range of machinery available with a gundrilling range from Ø0.5mm to Ø80mm.

Off-centre Drilling
  • Single or multiple off set hole patterns
  • Ø0.5mm to Ø80mm range
  • Any material from wood to Inconel
  • Drill parts up to 16 tonnes

Our Range

  • Drill angled holes from Ø1.5mm to Ø80mm
  • Parts up to 16 tonnes possible
  • Round and prismatic parts can be drilled
  • All materials including Inconel and titanium
  • Ancillary operations also possible
  • Ø0.5mm to Ø250mm
  • Up to 3000mm deep holes
  • Any material from wood to Inconel
  • 1 off to any higher volume as required