Back Spot Autofacer Tools For Increased Versatility

Mollart Engineering’s Autofacer back spot facing tools have proved to be a popular choice with our customers. If you’ve never used an Autofacer before, then to explain briefly, these robust, versatile tools can be mechanically opened and used for creating back spot faces, counterbores, chamfers, spherical cuts, or profiled surfaces in CNC machine tools and special purpose machines. The Autofacer tools perform manual or automatic back spotfacing and counterboring operations up to 2.2x the pilot bore diameter; this can be even greater on larger diameter tools.


Autofacer Spot Facing Tool


Our Back Spot Autofacer Range



  • Bolt head seating faces
  • Differential cases - spherical and flat
  • Valve seat pocketing
  • Gate valves
  • Special inserts with chamfer and other forms on request.
  • Planetary gear carriers
  • Gearbox casings
  • Landing gear
  • Precision chamfers


  • Chip-to-Chip times reduced up to 80% when producing back spot faces, chamfers and counter bores using Autofacer tools.
  • Available with pilot diameters from Ø6.35mm to produce up to 2.2x’s spot face Ø’s.
  • Remove the need for secondary operations saving time and money.


To see our full Autofacer range and tooling capabilities please go to our Autofacer back spot facing tools page.