Refurbished Mollart Omnisprint 3-axis CNC gun drilling machines

Mollart Omnisprint 3-axis CNC gun drilling machine for on and off centre hole drilling.

We currently have one refurbished Mollart Omnisprint for sale, with the specifications as detailed below. For price and package details and to arrange a viewing of these machines please contact our Machine Tools division on 0208 391 2282 or email

Type: Twin Spindle LD2-500 Omnisprint Serial number A0564 

Y.O.M:  2005

Control:  Fanuc CNC

Min-Max drilling:  Ø2mm - Ø16mm

Drilling depth: 500mm

X axis:  500mm

Y Axis:  300mm

Z Axis:  500mm

Spindle motor: 4kW

1 whip guide supports

Coolant system includes:  Magnetic chip conveyor / Twin cartridge filters

Warranty: 3 month parts and labour


Typical applications:  Bottle moulds  /  Mould plates  /  Transmission shafts  /  Valve bodies / Off-Set hole drilling / Sub-contract drilling